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Guidelines for Host City Bid

Wyoming Senior Olympics

Wyoming has been hosting the Senior Olympics since 1986 and joined the National Senior Games Association in 1987.  Pinedale hosted the Winter Senior Games for the first time in Wyoming in 2009.  Both the Summer and Winter Games continue to be popular and draw a large number of participants and their friends and family to the host city. 

The Wyoming Senior Olympics Board of Directors invite Wyoming communities to host this inspirational group of athletes by bringing the Games to your town!  Proposals are accepted for two year periods.  The second year of the Summer Olympics is a “qualifying year” for the National Senior Games held every two years in a host city in the United States.   

The Wyoming Board of Directors will only consider proposals which include written cooperation of the local Parks and Recreation Department and/or the local Senior Center.  Cooperation of these entities is vital to the success of the Senior Olympics.  At least one representative of the Host City will become a member of the Board of Directors.


Excellent sources for ideas and suggestions for preparing a proposal are the current State Games Coordinator and previous State Games Coordinators.  It is helpful to know how successful Wyoming Senior Olympics have been conducted in the past to decide how best to adapt them to your community.   You will find the Coordinators very helpful and cooperative!

At a minimum, the narrative for the proposal to host the Wyoming Senior Olympics should address the following:

  1. Events--
  1. Recommended Summer Events






Race Walking


Road Race


Table Tennis


Track and Field Triathlon





  1. Optional Summer Events—

Additional events may be added at the discretion of the Board of Directors or the   local Host Committee and may include:

                  Softball                          Shuffleboard

                  Volleyball                      Weight Lifting

                  Canoe Racing                Others with approval


  1. Winter Events—

Winter games may include any events listed for the Summer Olympics and additions, plus:

                  Nordic Skiing               Hockey                        Ice Skating

                  Downhill Skiing           Alpine Skiing               Others with approval

                  Biathlon                       Snowshoeing              


  1. Facilities & Staffing—

Physical facilities for the events as set forth by the National Senior Games Association Committee.  Facilities and staff should be provided at no cost to the Wyoming Senior Olympics.  Under some circumstances, this rule may be circumvented or waived by the Board of Directors.

  1. Provide assurance of the ability to contract for the use of facilities such as with the school district, YMCA, Senior Center, recreation district, ski area, ice skating rink, city government and public lands as needed.
  2. Provide assurance of the ability to contract with track and field, swimming, ski area and skating rink staff and other volunteers to help with the events as necessary.


  1. Activity Fees—

Identify the amount of additional fees for all the events such as golf, trap and skeet, archery, bowling, lift tickets and snowshoe and ski rental where a charge is common for the use of facilities or, supplies or equipment. 

  1. Lodging & Hospitality Facilities—

Please identify banquet facilities for a minimum of 75 people for the Winter Games and 200 people for the Summer Olympics as well as motel accommodations and administrative space that will be provided as follows:

  1. Special rates for single, double and other occupancy.
  2. Rates per meal for banquets, special dinners and lunches (such as at the Senior Center).
  3. Identify special events planned such as dances, socials, a movie and/or continental breakfasts to be offered.
  4. Ensure complimentary rooms and necessary space for office, Check-in Center and the preparation of results.


  1. Additional Considerations—
    1. Identify provisions for adequate public transportation for athletes to and from event locations.
    2. Explain your plan for providing adequate state-wide media coverage including but not limited to television, newspapers and radio.
    3. Provide letters of support and commitment signed by the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, Director of the Senior Center, local City Government, the Chamber of Commerce, local news media and any others directly involved in hosting the games.
    4. Outline the monetary assistance from the host community which should include a minimum of $10,000 cash donations and of in-kind contributions towards the success of the games such as use of computers, copier, mailings and staff time.
    5. Outline how the host community will utilize medical personnel and/or EMT’s to be available during all track and field and swimming events.
    6. Outline the utilization of law enforcement personnel to lead and direct traffic when needed for the Parade of Athletes and the Torch Run if conducted on city streets and Cycling, Road Race and Triathlon events where athlete protection is needed.
    7. Identify a volunteer base significant enough to conduct the Games.  Service clubs and some businesses are good prospects.
    8. Agree to generally follow the Wyoming Senior Olympics Host City Guidelines as set by the Board of Directors.  Deviations from the guidelines must have Board approval.
    9. The proposal must be signed by representatives of the sponsoring organizations.
    10. Proposals to host the Summer Wyoming Senior Olympics must be submitted prior to the Board of Director’s meeting held in conjunction with the first of the two Olympics of the current host city, typically in July or August. 
    11. Proposals to host the Winter Wyoming Senior Games must be submitted prior to the Board of Director’s meeting held …………………., typically in…………………….
    12. Host City proposals must be submitted to:

__________   Name________________

President of the Board of Directors

Wyoming Senior Olympics

____Mailing Address of President_____


Thank you for your interest in hosting the Wyoming Senior Olympics!!!















Host City Organization Guidelines


In order for the Summer and Winter Wyoming Senior Olympic games to run smoothly, it is important for the host city to form an executive committee or “Host Committee.”  The function of the Host Committee is to make planning decisions and to complete the necessary work assigned and/or to solicit others for specific duties. The following positions have served well in producing successful games and are highly recommended:  Committee Officers; State Games Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer / Assistant Treasurer. Committee Members include the Events Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Fund Raiser Coordinator, Publicity Coordinator, Registration Coordinator, Check-in Coordinator, and Opening Ceremonies Coordinator.  Detailed job descriptions are found below. 

Spreading the work load over several positions is very important in the preparation AND conducting of the games and makes hosting a more enjoyable experience.  Establishing Co-Coordinators in these positions can also make the duties more enjoyable and avoid issues if one Coordinator is called away or becomes ill.   


I.  State Games Coordinator:

The State Games Coordinator is the chairperson of the Host Committee and resides in the host city.

The State Games Coordinator is responsible for the planning, preparation and conducting of the many facets of the Wyoming Senior Olympics.  It is not necessary that he/she personally conduct all of these duties listed below, but it is his/her responsibility to see that they are completed. 

Some suggested activities may not fit well in all communities, an example is the route of the Parade of Athletes.  As athlete safety is of paramount importance a pathway or park may be far safer than attempting a parade down a city street.  Contacts with previous State Games Coordinators may be very helpful in adapting activities to your community and stimulating ideas.

Following are the responsibilities of the State Games Coordinator:

  1. Oversee all Host Committee Coordinators to assure successful Games.
  2. Develop a budget for the Games in conjunction with the Treasurer.
  3. Secure host hotels and arrange for meals.
  4. Prepare registration forms, information brochure (see # 10, below) and a program that is distributed at Check-in.
  5. Order t-shirts, medals and awards.
  6. Establish a communications system between the Check-in Center and the events venues.
  7. Develop the ballot and selection of the special awards winner(s).
  8. Serve on the Board of Directors of the Wyoming Senior Olympics and attend all Board meetings. (4 per year)
  9. Schedule and organize all meetings of the Host Committee and call special meetings as necessary.
  10.  Develop a brochure to be mailed to athletes 3 to 4 months in advance of the Olympics to encouraging athlete participation. Mailings should also include brochures and posters to surrounding state Senior Olympic Coordinators, senior centers, recreation centers,  YMCA’s and other locations deemed beneficial in advertising the Wyoming Senior Olympics.  Consideration should be given to golf courses, tournaments and bowling lanes.  This brochure should include:


  1. The list of sporting events, their venues, times and dates.
  2. A list of host city motels and restaurants.
  3. Participation Information, General Rules and a Fee Calculator for registration, events and special activities.
  4. Registration Forms.
  5. Athlete Release and Waiver of All Liability and Assumption of Risk Agreement.
  6. Pertinent Medical Information Form.
  7. The special events schedule, cost, time, date and location (i.e. Board of Directors meeting, Parade of Athletes, Opening Ceremonies, and Banquet).
  8. Additional information deemed necessary by the Host Committee.


  1. Meet with the public for publicity and volunteer recruitment, including service clubs.   Volunteers are needed for many activities, including bulk mailings, preparing medals and gift items for athletes, Check-in Center operation, sports events, meals and hospitality.  Event Commissioners should determine how many volunteers are needed to run their event smoothly and pass that information to the Volunteer Coordinator in a timely manner.   Often Events Commissioners know of persons knowledgeable in their sport that will be good volunteers and should solicit them.
  2. The State Games Coordinator and/or the State Board President will be the liaison with the National Office and keep seniors informed via meetings, website, postings, etc. of any changes that may take place within the National organization.
  3. Have a working knowledge of all National qualifying rules and assure accurate information is given to seniors who participate in the Games in cooperation with the Publicity Coordinator.
  4.  Set news conferences and news coverage of the games and serve as the contact for all media during the games.
  5. The State Games Coordinator and/or State Board President may attend conferences or classes as needed for the improvement of the Wyoming Senior Olympics.
  6. Update and maintain the Wyoming Senior Olympic Games website with current information to promote the Games and provide general information and about registration, special events, sponsor advertising, photos, event results and records, future Wyoming Senior Olympic Games and to provide a smooth transition on the website between host cities.

 II.  Host Committee Secretary:

       1.  The Host Committee Secretary resides in the Host City.

       2.  Prepares and distributes the minutes of the Host City Committee meetings.

3.   Prepares mailing labels from athlete registration data, organizes preparation of            mailings and does the mailing.

4.  Is responsible for preparation and printing of the local record book for the years the host city hosts the games.  Records will be posted on the Wyoming Senior Olympics website prior to transferring the games to the next host city.  The most recent Records Book should be available at the Check-in Center for athletes to review as well as one copy for each Events Commissioner as a reference.

5.  Prepare and mails thank you letters to donors, volunteers, in-kind service providers, etc.

III.  Host Committee Treasurer/Assistant Treasurer:


       1.    An Assistant Treasurer is optional.

       2.    Host City Treasurer resides in the host city and is also the State Board Treasurer.

3.    Checking and/or savings accounts must be set up in the Host City with two signatures       required on the checks.  The previous Host City will maintain the books until no later  than December 31 of the last year the host city hosts the Games and transfer all funds to the new Host City as soon as possible after closing the accounts.  Any depository utilized in the host city shall be insured by the F.D.I.C. or the F.S.L.I.C. of the United State of America.

4.   Pay National Dues (currently $500.00) by January 1 of each year to the National Senior Games Association.

5.   Pay Board of Director’s insurance (Director’s and Officer’s Liability Policy) and participant’s insurance (National Senior Olympics Association Insurance) by January 15th of each year.   Insurance is currently through City Securities.

6.   Pay Wyoming Senior Olympics trailer license to the county of the host city.  This is due June 30 (a notice will be mailed from County Clerk).

7.   Pay the annual fee of $25 and file the Annual Report with the Secretary of State by February 1 of each year (see corporate book).

8.   The Treasurer, and if applicable, the Assistant Treasurer, shall be bonded as soon as they take over the duties of this position. 

9.   Responsible for receiving all monies and funds of the Wyoming Senior Olympics including donations, registration fees and grants. 

10. Responsible for the proper procedures used in reimbursements to be made to committee members. 

11. Pay all outstanding bills in a timely manner.  All bills need to have a proper bill or invoice prior to being paid.  No purchase/bills are to be paid in cash, but rather by check only. 

12. Responsible for all record keeping or financial matters of the Wyoming Senior Olympics and for preparing all financial statements.  Provide current financial statements at all State Board and Host Committee meetings.

13.  The position also serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors and must attend the annual Board of Directors meeting held during the Games.

14.  This position also works with the State Games Coordinator and the Board President on developing each year’s budget.



I.  Events Coordinator:

  1. Should have a working knowledge of the sporting events.
  2. Make venue arrangements, obtains use permits where needed and communicates well with private venue owners.
  3. Arrange all necessary facilities, equipment, water and food for conducting the events.  Water is essential at most venues.  Fruit such as apples, oranges and bananas are desirable at longer lasting events, including Track and Field, Triathlon, Road Race, Cycling and Swimming.
  4. Provide sports rules and regulations to the sports commissioners.
  5. Ambulance services are suggested at the discretion of the Host Committee.
  6. Is responsible for arranging for communication between venues and the Check-in Center.  This can be done via cell phones or 2-way radios.
  7. Is responsible for entering results data into the Fusesport computer program that will then be placed on the Wyoming Senior Olympics website.
  8. As quickly as possible, provide event results from each sport for view by athletes at the Check-in Center and for release to the media.  A copy machine to run copies of results is desirable.
  9. Make every effort for the Wyoming Senior Olympics to offer what is required by the National Senior Games Association as well as extra events as determined by the State Board of Directors and/or Host Committee.

II.  Volunteer Coordinator:

1.   Is responsible for recruiting, assigning, managing and coordinating all volunteers for the Games.

      2.   Prepare schedules and specific assignment sheets or letters for all volunteers with times and places clearly set forth so all volunteers know where and when they are to   

            perform all assigned duties.

3.  Local host committees should decide on the best way to thank and show appreciation to volunteers.

III.  Fund Raising Coordinator:

  1.  Raises adequate funds for the current year’s Games. 
  2. Fund raising should be started 5 to 6 months in advance of the Olympics Games.
  3. Methods that are most successful in the host community should be implemented.

4.   Grants are often available through the Host City’s lodging tax board and this avenue should be pursued early in the year.

5.   Direct to or transfer any donated funds to the Treasurer.

6.   Maintain an accurate list of donors / sponsors for publicity and preparation of the brochure, program and t-shirts.


IV.  Publicity Coordinator:

  1. Responsible for the promotion of the Games on a state-wide and regional level.  
  2. Organize bulk mailings to distribute the brochures to past Wyoming Senior Olympics Games participants 3-4 months prior to the start of the coming Games.
  3. Prepare news releases and announcements and solicit free advertising and news coverage.
  4. Arrange for public service announcements including television, radio and prepare news releases for newspapers.  As much free advertising as possible must be done.
  5. Prepare posters and distributes them statewide and establishes a senior contact in each major community to help with poster distribution.

6.  Collect photos and videotapes of various aspects of the Games and used on the website and put in with the historical data.

7.  Provide event results to the media during the Games in any format available, i.e. telephone, fax, email, etc.  Post results to the Wyoming Senior Olympics website,  as soon as possible after events are completed.  A local webmaster can accomplish this or through Fusesport results program to National.  Fusesport will post on the Wyoming website and the National website.  (see Registration Coordinator section)

V.  Registration Coordinator:

1.   Work with the State Games Coordinator to prepare the brochure.

2.   Is responsible for preparing the Registration Form for the Fusesport program to allow for online registration.  Early contact with Fusesport is essential.  Initial preparation of the Fusesport program should begin 5 to 6 months prior to the Olympic games.  Two to 3 weeks are needed to test the online registration program by Fusesport before registration can begin.

3.   Is responsible for entering  hard copy (paper) registration forms into the Fusesport program.  The heaviest work load will be the 3 to 4 week period prior to the end of Registration.

4.   Provide qualifying information for the National Senior Games on the qualifying year.

5.   Prepare mailing lists from registration forms from the Fusesports program after the Games for use in year two mailings or for the next Host City.

6.   Using the Fusesports registration computer program, enters the Wyoming results within 45 days of the end of the events.

VI.  Check-in Center Coordinator:

1.   Is responsible for the preparation of the athlete packets at the Check-in Center that will, at a minimum, include: an Events Program, a records book, a t-shirt, name tag and athlete participation numbers as appropriate.  Other items may include, as deemed appropriate by the Host Committee.  Such items could include a city map, free or reduced price coupons donated by host city businesses, host city pins, key chains, etc. 

2.   Works with the State Games Coordinator on information to be placed in the athlete packets, i.e. events location maps for specific events such as Mountain Bike, Cycling, Road Race, Canoe Races and shooting events that are typically held out of town.

      3.   Coordinate work schedule for volunteers at the Check-in Center during the games.

      4.   Maintain communications with cell phones, radios or other means, with the venues    

            where sport events are being held.

VII. Opening Ceremonies Coordinator:

       1.  Organize the Opening Ceremonies which may include the following: 

                  A.  Honor Guard

                  B.  Parade of Athletes

                  C.  Arrival of the Olympic Torch

                  D.  Lighting of the Caldron

                   E.  National Anthem

                  F.  Proclamation of the Olympic oath

                  G.  Invocation

                  H.  Introduction of Guests

                   I.   Entertainment (if the Host City desires).

       J.  Guest speaker (if the Host City desires).  This person may declare “Let the Games          


 K.  Dinner or picnic (if the Host City desires).  This meal may be of pasta.  A fee may

     be assessed for his meal.

     2.  Local, state and even national dignitaries could be invited to the opening ceremonies and to speak.

3.  Organize the Torch Run route, any transportation needed, and perhaps designates a VIP to start the run and another VIP to light the flame.

4.  Arrange for police escort for the torch run (one in front of the runner and one in back) and any other activities ( i.e. parade, bike races, road races, etc.) where athletes will be in the streets.

     5.  Organize transportation for runners so they do not have to run/walk the entire route. 

     6.  Arrange for an open fire permit (if needed) for the torch run and for the caldron.

Hosting the Wyoming Senior Olympics is a major effort, but doing so also brings major satisfaction.  You will understand this at the end of the Games the first year!  Good Luck and enjoy!



Let the Games Begin!

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90 days 6 hours 43 mins
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