About Us

The Wyoming Senior Olympics Host City Committee and Board of Directors support the belief that participation in athletic events has a positive physical, psychological and social benefit.  Opportunities for athletic competition at the adult level are limited in scope and the Wyoming Senior Olympics is striving to fulfill the needs of individuals 50 years of age or better.  Through the spirit of competition, Wyoming Senior Olympics promotes a healthful and fun experience in a variety of athletic events.

Objectives of the Wyoming Senior Olympics

  1. To promote ideals of health and wellness of adults through a more active lifestyle.
  2. To erase myths that life is over after 50, by the philosophy that “you don’t stop playing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop playing.”
  3. To promote the socialization and educational aspects of the senior games by emphasizing recreational participation and proper training.
  4. To promote opportunities for team spirit.
  5. To promote the concept of adult athletics.
  6. To encourage inter-community, state-wide, nation-wide and world-wide associations for participants.
  7. To provide a showcase event that will be of interest to persons of all ages.
  8. To educate and train participants and spectators in the areas of adult athletics and exercise.
  9. To promote sportsmanship, volunteerism and camaraderie among individuals of all age levels and affiliation.
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